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Refrigerated warehouse. Room for creating ice and food storage.

It does not matter whether you are the owner of a restaurant or a superstore, you require commercial refrigeration equipment to keep the perishables fresh and cool. Certain models that have glass doors also allow your clients to view the items stored inside it, open the unit if they find something of interest to them, and take it out. While this refrigeration equipment is sturdier than the domestic fridges, they too will break down at some point of time or the other. In such circumstances, you need the help of a professional and reputable commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance company that offers services round the clock on weekdays as well as on weekends and holidays. Getting in touch with a company that has been successfully servicing and repairing such gadgets for many years is a better option than hiring the first company you found online by searching Google for commercial refrigeration repair near me. Is there any proof that the engineers of such companies have any experience or whether they use original spares when repairing your equipment?

Why does such equipment break down?
There are several factors that cause these devices to break down, such as the buildup of ice inside the unit. This takes place when warm air from outside enters the refrigerator and condenses in its interior surfaces. However, buildup of frost or ice within the refrigerated compartments might indicate other issues such as refrigerant leaks, improper air ventilation, doors being opened frequently or left open may indicate several problems, like poor air ventilation, defective door gaskets, leaking refrigerant, doors being left open for a long time or opened too frequently, or even faulty door gaskets.

The unit might fail to maintain temperature levels because of several factors such as malfunctioning thermostat and compressor, dirty evaporator and condenser coils, improper temperature settings, inadequate airflow inside the equipment, refrigerant leaks, worn out door gaskets, or even dirty fans. Remember, an improperly functioning compressor can lead to significant temperature fluctuations within the commercial refrigerator, affecting its efficiency. Although there are different causes that lead to compressor failure, the primary issue in commercial refrigeration units is because of high compressor discharge temperatures. The additional pressure on the compressor to maintain the desired temperature levels inside the refrigerator leads to overheating of the compressor. Some of the common reasons for this problem include leaks in the discharge valve, incorrect oil-refrigerant ratio, and dirty evaporator and/or condenser.

Do not delay to call the experts and this might cause further damage to your commercial refrigerator. Based in Oklahoma, we at Metro Refrigeration Repair and Service offer professional commercial refrigeration equipment repair. We are the leading commercial refrigeration repair OKC company and have insured, licensed, and factory-trained technicians with us. Contact us immediately and we shall send our highly qualified technicians to your business premises to inspect your refrigerator using the latest diagnostic tools, detect the problem, and fix it. We are one of the rare commercial refrigeration repair Oklahoma City agency that offers services at pocket-friendly prices and includes a warranty for each part replaced. Fill up the form on our website at or contact us via phone at 405-531-9676 for a free consultation.

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