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At about any time, your home refrigerator probably holds adequate food to feed you as well as your family members for about a week. A restaurant refrigerator, on the other hand, needs to be equipped everyday with enough food to keep a dining-room complete of paid consumers pleased, with surplus stock just in case. That’s why restaurant kitchens need commercial refrigeration appliances as opposed to common residential refrigerator units.

What’s the difference in between the two? Apart from the sheer quantity of food that needs to be kept within, commercial refrigerators have numerous advantages that help them meet the high efficiency needs in a restaurant setup. Whether you’re a home owner or a food service proprietor, when your fridge breaks down, you wish to work with the best commercial appliance repair company to fix it-and for a commercial version, you’ll need a repair technician with the training, licensing, and specialized experience to finish the job right.

Dimension and also Layout

It might appear obvious, however commercial fridges should be significantly bigger than residential designs, which are usually created to be as smooth and inconspicuous as possible in a home kitchen area. Furthermore, while residential fridge models commonly include an array of racks as well as cabinets to different food, commercial designs tend to be practical within: 2 to 4 racks created for simple food accessibility and also stacking. A home unit might have a connected freezer, ice maker, and water dispenser, while in commercial kitchens, those are often different appliances.

Air conditioning Power

A commercial fridge has to maintain food at a constant temperature so that all food that goes out of the cooking area is risk-free for consumers to eat. Note that residential refrigerator designs are often much more energy-efficient than commercial units; in order to create constant cooling in a big area, a commercial fridge should run constantly.


With a commercial refrigerator, nonetheless, aesthetics aren’t really a factor to consider. There are less dimension and also shape choices, as well, because in a commercial kitchen area, form matters less than function.

Repair Considerations

Not all refrigerator repair technicians will certainly take both home and company calls since of these distinctions between residential and commercial refrigerators. In general, it’s always a good idea to make certain that the appliance repair professional you employ has experience or training to deal with your specific unit, and this is a lot more vital in a commercial setup. Delayed or inappropriate refrigerator repairs in a restaurant cooking area can shut down the organization or make clients ill, causing a loss of income and possible fines from the health department. Do not trust your appliance’s health and wellness to a technician who’s under-qualified if you have a commercial refrigeration system that’s not pulling its weight. Call someone with experience in commercial appliance repair.

That’s why restaurant kitchen areas need commercial refrigeration systems instead than common residential refrigerator versions.

In addition, while residential refrigerator models typically feature a range of drawers as well as racks to different food, commercial models have a tendency to be practical inside: 2 to four shelves developed for very easy food access and piling. A commercial fridge needs to maintain food at a constant temperature level so that all food that goes out of the kitchen area is risk-free for consumers to eat. Note that residential fridge models are frequently much more energy-efficient than commercial units; in order to generate regular air conditioning in a huge room, a commercial fridge has to run constantly.

Because of these distinctions between commercial and also residential refrigerators, not all refrigerator repair specialists will take both residential as well as commercial service calls.

When you call Commercial Refrigeration Repair Service Metro you can rest easy in the fact that they have the technicians to perform service on both residential or commercial refrigeration repair.
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