Repairing Common Commercial Refrigerator Repair Issues

commercial refrigerator repair okc
commercial refrigerator repair

Commercial refrigerators such as the commercial reach-in, just like any kind of various other commercial appliance, can malfunction as well as might require repairs & maintenance. As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth an extra pound of cure” and preventative maintenance is the essential to keeping the long life of your commercial refrigeration equipment.

Also the excellent and most durable refrigeration brands may need to be repaired over time, and also so when you encounter refrigeration maintenance issues, you need to recognize just how to repair the issues quick and also successfully, with the aid of a skilled business hvac refrigeration repair & installment service firm. You might additionally repair the problem yourself if it’s really small. Below are the most usual commercial refrigeration issues you might find, and a few ideas on how to identify what’s incorrect with your unit.

Power Issues

Is your industrial refrigerator or refrigeration equipment not powering up? Is your bottle fridge not cooling down? In the industrial dining establishment service, taking care of these issues in a prompt fashion is extremely important. While you might not require a business hvac appliance repair firm to carry out company or property service on your device. First, see to it your device does not have a power switch that has been turned off. You should examine to see if the power cable has been appropriately connected in all the method to the outlet, as it may have been knocked out of place. Examine if the wiring for the electrical outlet as well as ground cables are active if that still isn’t the choice. The concern may be the power supply as well as not the unit. Utilize a voltage detector to see to it the outlet has voltage present.

Keep in mind: Most suppliers warn users to never ever utilize extension cords for their industrial fridges, as an usage of those cords will certainly void the guarantee.

Temperature level Problems with Your Refrigerator

Are you experiencing troubles with your refrigeration temperature? Is your bottle fridge not cooling down? Having your refrigerator maintain food cold sufficient is a necessary process of the commercial appliance, as well as therefore, you’ll require to address this problem swiftly.

Your business refrigerator needs to be placed slightly away from the wall surface to provide it space to circulate air correctly. Commercial refrigerators are made to endure plenty of opening as well as closing operations, however in some cases the gasket can get worn down from wear and tear.

You might additionally have an issue where the temperature control scale is providing an incorrect analysis or is broken altogether. Producers like True have actually made the temperature level scale easy to replace if this is the instance. Your inaccurate temperature read can likewise be due to the fact that of an obstructed vent. Double check your temperature by utilizing a thermometer to ensure to ensure the thermostat is certainly working.


The refrigerator compressor is made use of to keep your food cool, as well as if it’s not functioning, your device won’t cool appropriately. True and various other commercial refrigeration companies detail in their corresponding guidebooks exactly how usually you need to cleanse the compressor, yet it’s normally every 90 days. Dirt, hair, oil as well as even more might accumulate in the compressor and maintain it from operating. Validate that the compressor has actually been cleaned up lately, and is functioning as it should. A compressor that is running warm will absolutely cause a fridge from obtaining cold.

Evaporator Fan

Is your business fridge freezing up, and also is ice collecting throughout the system? You need to make certain that your evaporator follower is running correctly. You’ll require to very first let the ice thaw off the evaporator, if ice is existing, by turning off your unit.

Lighting Issues

Occasionally you might have a minor problem, such as the lights aren’t working in your unit. If that’s the situation, you need to take an appearance at the lights themselves. True and various other brand names utilize LED lights, however if you need to replace a light bulb, see to it it’s verified and authorized by your tools’s manufacturer, otherwise you run the threat of wearing out the electric outlets for the lights. Always read the manual that accompanies your appliance to make certain you’re making use of the proper recommended repair choices.

Also the first-class and also most durable refrigeration brand names might need to be fixed over time, and also so when you face refrigeration maintenance issues, you require to know how to deal with the problems quickly and also effectively, with the aid of a seasoned commercial hvac refrigeration repair & installation service business. While you may not require an industrial hvac appliance repair company to perform business or household service on your device. Having your fridge maintain food cool enough is a necessary process of the commercial appliance, and therefore, you’ll require to address this trouble swiftly.

Your business refrigerator needs to be put slightly away from the wall surface to give it space to flow air properly. Other and also real commercial refrigeration business lay out in their respective manuals how typically you need to clean up the compressor, however it’s generally every 90 days.

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