Walk In Coolers and Freezers: Repair Or Replace?

walk in cooler repair in Oklahoma City
pull handle of an door of a walk in cooler


Manufacturers approximate the average life expectancy of a walk-in cooler or fridge freezer to be around 15 years. Nonetheless, with decent treatment and also upkeep, they can last well past that. In some cases all it takes is a little repair.

Unfortunately, workers can be difficult on equipment, as well as walk in coolers are no exempt. They slam doors as well as jimmy closers, ram the interior and exterior wall surfaces and also door with rolling carts and pallet jacks, bend the floor with hefty loads, bump into the evaporator units; walk-ins have to endure a great deal of abuse. Eventually, you could want to consider the price of reconditioning your walk-in versus the price of straight-out substitute. Many manufacturers provide substitutes for the most commonly used elements, consisting of walls, floorings, doors and refrigeration systems. One agent approximates that, done right, refurbishing a used walk-in device can include add more than five to 7 years to its lifespan.

The call for reconditioning walk in coolers vs setting up new units truly accelerated 10 years back when the Great Recession was simply beginning, according to numerous manufacturers. Operators had to place major capital investment on hold as well as make-do with existing units as much as possible. One quote puts the expense of a common walk-in refurbishment at a 3rd of the cost of installing a new unit.

What makes a walk-in a great prospect for repair? “If walk in unit is in good shape, it maintains temperature, has no water seepage right into the insulation and also no air leaks, repair can make perfect sense,” one producer informed us.

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