Walk In Cooler Repairs In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 5 Signs to look for.

walk in cooler door repair Oklahoma City Oklahoma
walk in cooler door repair

If you run a food service company that has a walk in cooler or walk in fridge freezer, commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance is just one of one of the most vital points you have to address in order to maintain procedures up as well as running smoothly.

Owning and operating a walk in freezer or walk in cooler or walk in refrigerator that is  running poorly or not efficiently can cost your company a lot of money.

If you do not already have a maintenance plan in place for your walk in cooler with a commercial refrigeration repair company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma right here are 5 indicators to keep an eye out for that absolutely require your interest:

1. Door Wear & Damage

Check out the doors to your walk in cooler for seal deterioration & damages. These damages can truly harm you’re finances as air can escape and also make your cooler or freezer run constantly go to maintain temperature level.

2. Frost Develops

If you begin seeing frost or ice structure up in places where they shouldn’t in your walk in cooler, this is an indicator that it’s not cooling correctly and also requires to be examined by a commercial refrigeration repair service promptly.

3. Water Leaks

Seeing any kind of damp floors in or around your walk in cooler? This might be from an old/damaged seal or poorly installed walk in cooler unit. Either way this is something that can not be left unattended as it could result in mold & mildew to develop– something that’s not going to make your health and wellness inspector pleased at all.

4. Odd Odors

When the coolant that maintains your cooler chilled leaks you may observe a weird odor around your walk in cooler. If your walk in cooler or walk in freezer is aged and not operating very well it may be time to evaluate an upgrade to make certain you remain up and running, leaks like this are usually found.

5. Inconsistent Temperatures

If you’re discovering that your walk in cooler or walk in freezer has a tough time maintaining a regular temperature this may signify bigger problems so it’s important that you have somebody look at your system. Many walk in coolers and walk in freezers have sensors that notify you if the temperature level increases to a specific degree, so be sure to watch on this very closely.

Various other indications consist of strange/odd sounds (mechanical) and also flickering lights (electrical), so be on the lookout for these as well.

When it comes to commercial refrigeration, just like HEATING AND COOLING, prevention is the very best medication. Normal maintenance can as well as will certainly conserve you from the stress and worry over your crucial, mission-critical walk in refrigerator so if you locate yourself experiencing any one of the above signs and symptoms call us as quickly as you can– you’ll rejoice you did.

If you do find yourself needing service for you walk in cooler, walk in refrigerator or walk in freezer time is critical at this point. Call 405-531-9676 for 24 hour emergency walk in cooler repair service in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma or you can visit our website at https://metrorefrigerationrepairandservice.com.

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