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commercial kitchen equipment refrigeration repair
commerical kitchen equipment

A dining establishment can not afford to have food item spoilage or enhanced bacterial growth because of faulty Refrigerating Equipment. Not only could you lose customers, but if certain food-borne microbial contaminants, such as Botulism, are created, the results could be dangerous and also potentially cause the closing of your facility.

First you have to understand if your provider is keeping your incoming item at the proper temperature levels at their distribution center, and you need to check the temperature of your perishables at time of the delivery. When you get your perishables at the appropriate temperature levels, after that let Metro Refrigeration Repair And Service aid you make the appropriate maintenance of Walk-in Coolers, Walk-in Fridges, Walk in Freezers, Refrigerated Show Displays and Chilled Serving Surfaces. The choice of the right commercial refrigeration repair service will certainly help make certain that the product you serve will certainly be fresh and also risk-free!

So get your commercial kitchen equipment in peak operating condition by calling Metro Refrigeration Repair And Service today at 405-531-9676 or visit us on the web at

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