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The appliance repair technicians at Metro Refrigeration Repair And Service repairs all sorts of commercial walk-in fridges and walk in freezer and walk in coolers, so they know about repairing a wide range of typical troubles like these:

Lack of Power

A tripped breaker or blown fuse may be the reason for the power failure to your walk-in fridge freezer. You can likewise have electrical wiring problems or a control board issue. Thankfully, Metro Refrigeration Repair And Service experts are terrific at detecting the issue as well as fixing it efficiently.

Temperature level Too High

A walk-in freezer that’s overwhelmed with item or has actually frost accumulation on the evaporator might start getting too warm. Walk-in fridges freezer or coolers that are excessively utilized (with frequent door opening) can additionally experience this issue.

Electric Motor Running Constantly

If the motor of a walk-in freezer runs regularly, this suggests a feasible cooling agent leakage or a leak in other places that is allowing cooled air to run away. This problem misbehaves for the appliance and also your energy costs as well as need to be addressed right now.

Ice Build-up

Frost accumulation on the air vents or evaporator coils in a walk-in cooler shows a minimum of one underlying problem and also the requirement for expert upkeep. Call Metro Refrigeration Repair And Service to check it out for you.

Ice in the Drain Pan

A clogged drainpipe line or faulty heater can cause ice to accumulate in the drainpipe pan of a commercial walk-in fridge freezer. This issue must be repaired by a commercial refrigeration repair company in Oklahoma City before the frozen inventory is endangered.

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